Friends and Acquaintances: 2017


Friends and Acquaintances: 2017

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Elisabeth Cardonne Arlyck

Roseman, Harry 2017-07-03
New Years Eve Party at Elena and David's

Roseman, Harry 2017-12-31
Montreal at Christmas, 4 of 4

Roseman, Harry 2017-12-25
Montreal at Christmas, 3 of 4

Roseman, Harry 2017-12-24
Montreal at Christmas, 2 of 4

Roseman, Harry 2017-12-23
Montreal at Christmas, 1 of 4

Roseman, Harry 2017-12-23
Nick Adam's Lunch

Roseman, Harry 2017-12-20
Dinner for Panel for Vassar Alumni Artists

Roseman, Harry 2017-11-29
Sculpture II Students, Vassar College

Roseman, Harry 2017-11-16
Roundhouse by Terrance Brennan, Beacon NY

Roseman, Harry 2017-09-30
Visiting a Sick Friend (William Finn)

Roseman, Harry 2017-09-25
The Church-Brigham Family

Roseman, Harry 2017-09-24
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