Friends and Acquaintances: 2019


Friends and Acquaintances: 2019

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Williams Inn, Williamstown, MA

Roseman, Harry 2019-12-25
Brasserie 292, Poughkeepsie, NY

Roseman, Harry 2019-12-21
Lois Dodd Dinner at Alumnae/i

Roseman, Harry 2019-11-22
La Puerta Azul

Roseman, Harry 2019-11-01
Keltie Ferris Visit to Vassar College

Roseman, Harry 2019-10-08
David Cohen and Students

Roseman, Harry 2019-10-05
Dinner at Peter and Shawn's

Roseman, Harry 2019-07-21
Bastille Day Dinner at Helen and Carole's

Roseman, Harry 2019-07-14
Dinner at Carol and Helen's

Roseman, Harry 2019-07-14
Dinner at Helen and Carol's

Roseman, Harry 2019-07-14
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