Friends and Acquaintances: 2014


Friends and Acquaintances: 2014

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William Louis Dreyfus

Roseman, Harry 2014-01-22
At Tom Nozkowski and Joyce Robins

Roseman, Harry 2014-03-28
Dinner for Richard Wentworth Exhibition

Roseman, Harry 2014-04-17
Tribeca Film festival Lunch

Roseman, Harry 2014-04-17
Serevan Restaurant, Amenia, NY

Roseman, Harry 2014-04-19
Judy Linn Phone message

Roseman, Harry 2014-04-20
Cathy and her daughters

Roseman, Harry 2014-04-21
Studio Critique

Roseman, Harry 2014-04-23
Davis and Langdale Gallery, NYC

Roseman, Harry 2014-04-24
Matt and Family

Roseman, Harry 2014-04-25
New Hackensack, Vassar College

Roseman, Harry 2014-05-17
Art Department Meeting Lunch Break

Roseman, Harry 2014-05-20
Art Department Meeting

Roseman, Harry 2014-05-20
Le Petit Bistro, Rhinebeck, NY

Roseman, Harry 2014-05-24
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